Collegial recommendations:

Claudia McTaggart
Dr Claudia McTaggart, Chiropractor, Australia

"I have known Cath for the last 8 years both professionally and personally and over this time have come to truly appreciate her set of professional skills that sets her apart from her colleagues. She has demonstrated a high level of diagnostic and intuitive acumen and we have successfully co-managed a number of patients when we worked together. She is an amazing communicator and is able to work well within a multidisciplinary team approach for best patient outcomes. I'm sure she will bring the same enthusiasm to her new practice and patients will not regret coming to see her. Australia is sad to have lost her to Denmark."

Jil Keys
Jill Keys Medical Herbalist, Lecturer. Sydney, Australia

"I have known Cath since 1990 in my role as herbal practitioner, lecturer, clinical practice supervisor and vice principal of the Newcastle College of Herbal Medicine. Cath was outstanding as a gifted student and incisive researcher. In her 16 years of practice as a herbalist in Australia she demonstrated excellent, thorough practitioner skills and her work was of the highest calibre.

She is an extremely good communicator with a warm friendly personality.

With Cath's move to Denmark we have a marvellous ongoing professional relationship in the form of collegial discussion and review.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Cath for wholistic healthcare and natural fertility. She will be asset to natural therapies healthcare in Denmark."

Jil Keys
Dr. Anders Hebert. Copenhagen, Denmark

"Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is a growing interest in Denmark and securing a high standard of education for practitioners is a major issue for patient safety.

Cath Minter has the qualifications and experience to practice safe and effective CAM therapy and if a patient of mine were to desire CAM therapy, I would recommend Cath Minter for her high level of patient care."

Dr. Graham Taylor
Dr Graham Taylor, Chiropractor. Taree, Australia.

"I have known Cath Minter for 11 years and in that time she has been my Medical Herbalist as well as valued colleague in a busy multi-practitioner clinic in Australia.

What I value most about Cath is her very high level of personal and practitioner integrity. In a consultation she is always emotionally present and strives to find the most life affirming way forward for her client.

I would be very comfortable for any member of my family to be in Cath's excellent care."

Paul King
Paul King - Remedial Massage & Craino-sacral Practitioner
Forster Health Solutions

"I had the pleasure of working with Cath Minter in a Natural Health Centre in Australia for 5 years.

I can't say enough about the way she treats her patients, everyone of them is very special to her, she goes above and beyond to find the right treatment for all her clients with clear results.

Her professionalism and dedication towards her clients are second-to-none. My only regret is she is no longer practicing here in Australia as it was a pleasure and a privilege working with her."

Melinda Marton
Melinda Marton Psychologist. Copenhagen, Denmark

"Cath is dedicated and passionate about her profession and has great knowledge. I highly recommend her. She is not just a great professional in her field, but also a lovely person to collaborate with."

Helen Dempsey
Dr Helen Dempsey, Chiropractor. Australia

"I've got a lot of respect for Cath's work as a herbalist. She's my go-to person for help with the complex area of hormone issues in female reproductive health. Cath is professional, ethical, and her care plans are effective. I trust her with my family, too."


From patients:

"It is amazing to meet such warmth, security and professionalism in Cath. I am so happy to have found someone who treats both body and mind.

I felt such a relief when everything I felt was stated by an iris analysis, and that treatment has no bad side effects, just soothing and regenerating".

HD, Virum

"I have really enjoyed Cath's level of care, compassion and attention she has given to both myself and my partner. We are planning our family and every care has been taken to ensure we are both fit and healthy, not only physically, but also emotionally".

Dr. Sandra Wilson, Copenhagen

"Cath has been a great support to both myself and my 4 year old daughter with eczema. Her approach is complete and we have had a great deal of success in controlling my daughters eczema through diet. Cath has an excellent manner with children, indeed she has persuaded my daughter to vary her diet to an astonishing extent.

Cath has also been a great support to me with my health issues, and someone you can rely on for unbiased advice. We are very happy with Cath's experience and service".

Jessica, Copenhagen

"Cath's initial care and on going follow-up has been super professional. Her perspectives and skills in improving my hormonal balance meant that after a few weeks of herbal care I felt great progress and after a few months my symptoms were gone completely"

Samira, 42, Soeborg, Denmark



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