Natural Fertility for couples 40+


For women over 40


Conception for women over 40 is not impossible, but has some very specific challenges.

Being 40+ does not mean you are "defective" or singled-out as having the biggest or hardest of the all the fertility hurdles. Women over 40 have a combination of factors which our team is trained to care for, giving you the best possible foundation to increase your chances for conception and a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Our preconception care targets these effects of aging on the female reproductive system:

  • Aging eggs
  • Diminished hormonal responses
  • Increased risk of genetic defects
  • Age-related health problems
  • Environmental chemical effects

For men over 40

daddy and baby

With over 40 % of infertilty due to male factors, it is essential every man is screened for sperm issues and treated.

Aging and its effects on the male reproductive system

Just like 40+ women, as an aging man you are also faced with the sum total of wear and tear on your body during your lifetime. Occupational exposures to chemicals and toxins, radiation exposure, poor diet, disease, smoking, medications, excessive heat exposure to the testes and stress all add up, creating obstacles in your ability to create healthy sperm.

Rule of thumb is to get your sperm checked. If you have been trying to conceive for 6 months or more without a successful pregnancy, it's time for your boys to have a check-up. Repeat the test a month apart to better determine accuracy of the reading.


Your first appointment

During you appointment, the practitioner takes the role of a therapeutic partner who works with the patient to investigate and provide a thorough analysis of circumstantial and diagnostic information.

Personalized care-plan:

A detailed, individualised care-plan is prepared for every patient during the course of the appointment. This plan is aimed at targeting the breaks in your conception chain, managing the causes of illness, easing symptoms and restoring complete vitality and optimal health, while preventing further health problems. Herbal, nutritional and lifestyle medicine is prescribed.

Herbal and nutritional support:

Your care-plan will detail prescriptions for herbal and nutritional supplements, if these are relevant for you. Some patients do very well on dietary support and lifestyle changes alone, other patients with more complex conditions require specific herbal medicines and supplements.

Prescribed nutritional supplements are available to purchase directly from the clinic or from your local healthfood shop.

Frequency of visits:

Consultations are usually 6 weeks apart at first, with 3 monthly follow-ups as things improve. Ultimately full resolution of the health problem is expected and care finishes, with the patient now educated and resourced to take full responsibility of their healthcare by way of lifestyle management, correct nutrition and possible supplementation to keep well and vital.

Your checklist:

Before your appointment: Please print and fill out the journal and send by post to the clinic.

Please bring with you any recent blood tests, diagnostic tests or medical reports from your doctor.

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Cath becomes a mother again at 43. Read her story here

"I have really enjoyed Cath's level of care, compassion and attention she has given to both myself and my partner. We are planning our family and every care has been taken to ensure we are both fit and healthy..."

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Remember your role in a healthy conception and pregnancy is just as important as your partners.

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