Holistic healthcare is founded on the whole person view.

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The bigger picture

The holistic healthcare practitioner sees the patient's disease or illness as a part of a bigger system that stretches beyond the involved body part, knowing that the different organ systems and body parts depend inherently on each other, in ways not always apparent to the medical doctors.

In addition, holistic healthcare uses the knowledge that patients are unique individuals who develop disease as a result of a complex, idiosyncratic web of circumstances like genetics, lifestyle issues, stress, poor diet and environmental chemical damage. The deeper causes of disease are sought after and cared for, prevented if possible and symptoms are managed to relieve pain or discomfort.


Longer Consultations

Suffient time is needed for accuracy and thoroughness and this is prioritised.

The first consultation is 1 hour+ to thoroughly investigate the health issues and create an individualized care-plan, so there's no rushing or feeling stressed by time constraints. There is time for you.

Every follow-up 30 minute consultation is prepared for ahead of time so that you get the attention to detail and thoroughness that builds accuracy and efficacy in the care.


Safety of herbal medicines and nutritional supplements

Fully qualified herbalists / Naturopaths have years of training to expertly select the correct combination of herbs and nutritional supplements for your specific problem. Cath Minter is highly trained and has many years of clinical experience.

Many of the herbal medicines that herbalists use today have scientific research to support their use as effective treatment. Other herbs have the benefit of many years of application in clinical settings by practitioners, and this is called anecdotal evidence. Traditional or folk use, is the historical use of herbal medicines and this type of evidence is also useful in helping practitioners and researchers gain better insight into how humans were instinctively drawn to plants for their healing properties.

Nutritional supplements can be bought from your herbalist / naturopath or bought from your local healthfoodshop.

Remember: Herbal medicines and nutritional supplements are potent medicines and should not be self-prescribed. Many interact with pharmaceutical medicine, or are only safe in specific doses. Consult with your trained herbalist to ensure safety and accuracy in your herbal and nutritional prescription.

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Holistic healthcare:

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Cath has been a great support to both myself and my 4 year old daughter with eczema. Her approach is complete and we have had a great deal of success in controlling my daughters eczema through diet. Cath has an excellent manner with children, indeed she has persuaded my daughter to vary her diet to an astonishing extent."

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"The holistic healthcare approach can re-orientate the life of the patient"

"Integrative medicine is the practice of medicine that reaffirms the importance of the relationships between practitioner and patient, focuses on the whole person, is informed by evidence, and makes use of all the appropriate therapeutic approaches, healthcare professionals and disciplines to achieve optimal health and healing".

Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine of which Harvard medical school, Yale School of Medicine, Stanford University and John Hopkins University are represented.

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